Terms & Conditions

  • The Islamic Centre of West Australia Inc. is a not for profit association. Perth Ummah Centre is a trading name of the association.
  • We ask that you take the payment of fees seriously as non-payment greatly affects the ongoing operation of both venues Islamic Centre WA (Maylands) & Perth Ummah Centre (Willetton)
  • Please only register if you agree to the terms below:
  • By registering I agree to pay the required fees in full, whether I attend all classes or withdraw early.
  • I agree for my registration details to be used by the Islamic Centre of West Australia Inc. and its trading name Perth Ummah Centre for any purposes related to my enrolment, payment of fees, in the event of an emergency or any other purpose that arises at the discretion of the Islamic Centre of West Australia within any legal capacity.
  • I agree to my contact details being added to the Islamic Centre of West Australia Inc. mailing and SMS community lists. I understand that I may update my subscription preferences using the link found with the emails I receive. Additionally, I may contact info@icentrewa.com.au and request to be removed from the SMS community lists.
  • In the event of an emergency involving myself or my child/children, I give permission for teachers or volunteers of the Islamic Centre of West Australia to call an ambulance at my expense and I authorise treatment at my expense by licensed medical personnel deemed necessary for myself or my child/children in the event of a medical or dental emergency.
  • I understand it is my responsibility to notify the Islamic Centre of West Australia if anyone legally restricted from seeing this attendee (myself or child/children) by Court orders: Family Violence Restraining Orders (FVRO), Child Protection Orders, Violence Restraining Orders (VRO). The Islamic Centre of West Australia and its volunteers will not be held accountable for restricting access to children by parents if not previously informed of such court orders. I should put any requests in writing to the manager@icentrewa.com.au and cc secretary@icentrewa.com.au

Safety Precautions (please read carefully)

  • The Islamic Centre of West Australia appreciates the importance of a safe and nurturing environment for our attendees. We will take all reasonable safety precautions during our classes & programs. However, there is still the possibility of unforeseen hazards and inherent risks. There are some kinds of rights and liabilities that cannot be excluded or varied by law. Nothing in this document is intended to exclude or vary those rights or liabilities. However, except for those rights and liabilities, by submitting your registration:
  • you acknowledge that there may be inherent risks in the activities undertaken by the attendee;
  • you assume the risks that could result from these activities for yourself or child (the attendee); and
  • You release the Islamic Centre of West Australia, its staff, volunteers and contactors from any liability, claims, demands, legal suits or causes of action arising out of or in any way connected with yourself or those in your cares (under 18 years old attendee or other children) participation in this class or program; and
  • You indemnify the Islamic Centre of West Australia, its staff, volunteers and contractors from any losses resulting from any suit brought in your name or on your behalf
  • Lastly you agree to abide the code of conduct of the Islamic Centre of West Australia (attached with this form)


  • By submitted this registration form you are declaring that you have read and understood this document and agree to its contents and attachments. You have provided current, factual and complete information on this form.
  • This information will be kept confidential and will only be used to assist in the operation of Islamic Centre of West Australia. If you have any questions about how this information is used or kept, please feel free to email info@icentrewa.com.au.