Build Your Centre Project

The Islamic Centre of WA provides a variety of services for the Muslim community of Perth. Over the past few years, the centre has grown and become renowned for its unique Islamic programs and activities. This growth has placed an unprecedented amount of strain on the current limited financial resources and facilities.

Some of the pressing issues we have been face with are listed below:

  • The number of individuals benefiting from the centre‚Äôs services has quadrupled in the last three years.
  • The existing venues (Maylands and Willeton) are far apart from each other and both require expansion to cater for the increasing number of attendees.
  • The annual cost of renting the two facilities is approximately $100,000 not including other running costs.
  • Limited availability of parking bays has led to congestion, problems with adjacent businesses.
  • The lack of space in our facilities has limited our ability to conduct regular external events and play grounds for the children.

Our Services are limited by the space available in our premises and not by the inability of our volunteers to organise and run larger programs.

Build Your Centre project was launched by the Islamic Centre WA in November 2015.

"Together We Can"

Westpac Bank
Account Name:The Islamic Centre of WA Trust
BSB:036 014
ACC: 315 913

Our vision,inshAllah with your help,is to build or purchase a premises with enough capacity to cater for our growing community.

The Concept