Perth Ummah Centre Relocation

All praise belongs to Allah. Truly Allah is the best of planners and facilitates things in the most beneficial way and in perfect timing. After 8 months of patience and many blessings, the new Perth Ummah Centre location has now been finalised. Over the next week, we will be moving and transitioning to the new […]

Eid ul Fitr 1440/2019 Announcement

Eid Announcement: As-salaamu ‘alaykum everyone, The Islamic Centre of WA wishes to announce that Eid ul Fitr will be on Wednesday the 5th of June 2019 insha’Allah. Eid Mubarak! We would like to congratulate all the Muslims on this joyous occasion. May Allah bless us all and accept our deeds. Keep your brothers and sisters […]

Friday Congregational Prayer (Jumuah) Locations & Times

To cater to the growing Perth Muslim community, the Islamic Centre of West Australia conducts the weekly Friday congregational prayer at two locations. Donations welcome: Account Name: The Islamic Centre of WA Inc BSB: 036 014 Acc: 312 376 Ref: Jumuah

First Day of Ramadan 2019

Ramadhan 1440 / 2019 Announcement As-salaamu ‘alaykum, The Islamic Centre of WA wishes to inform the Muslims of Western Australia that we will start fasting the month of Ramadan on Monday 6th May Insha’Allah. Celebrate this blessed month by standing the night in prayer, reciting the Quran and feeding the needy. Increase your acts of […]

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